1. When you got noone else to turn to, yeah
  2. When you see that no one's on your side
  3. Know that you can count on me
  4. I'll be there for you as strong as I can be
  5. So cast your fears aside
  6. I got your back
  7. You'll never have to worry 
  8. 'Cause I'll never rest
  9. I got your back
  10. Say you do something crazy 
  11. And all I say is yes
  12. If someone gets in your space 
  13. It's me they'll face
  14. Any place, any time
  15. Oh, I've got your back
  16. 'Cause I know you got mine
  17. You know I've got your back 
  18. You can depend on that
  19. Like you got mine 
  20. You can always count on that
  21. Oh, I got your back 
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